Sometimes you need to design a mockup quickly (but not dirty) to make a client fall in love with your design proposal. Most people find it difficult to imagine the end result while looking at a grey wireframe and I can’t blame them. A persuasive proposal has color, well chosen fonts and a balanced set of icons in order to be fully appreciated. 

Icons make a huge difference in how the interface is used and perceived. They enhance usability, let you make optimum use of space and give that little but important extra touch to make a design stand out.

Show your clients what’s in it for them

People do underestimate the effort that goes into the design of good icons. When clients do not want to invest in their own unique set, it kills our mood. So we decided to design our own set of 63 icons that we can use to quickly design user interface mockups. This helps us to show our clients what custom made icons could do for their product.

Use our icons and sell your own

UX designers might recognize the situation described above. We want to help you save time by sharing our icon set. It will be our honor if it helps you to sell your design and make your clients understand that they need to invest in the design of icons. Needless to say that the icons can not be sold to your clients. Use ours but make sure you sell your own! If we find out otherwise, we will not take it lightly…

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Happy designing!


UI Icon set – Free download

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